Special thank you, to Paige for making this heart for My G and I and for helping me get thru our last moments together.

I have lost more than words can ever say.

This is the first time G and I have ever been apart.

This beautiful portrait of "My G" is simply called

"Looking at Mom".

This is exactly the way G looked up at me.

Portrait beautifully caught on canvas by Jeanne McNally, Shamrock Shetland Sheepdogs and Artwork.

Thank you so much Jeanne.

Our Special Life Together

G was the First Phantom puppy, arriving on Mothers Day, how special for me. He was a singleton and his mom didn't have any milk so I became his mom. He was born 8 oz and stayed 8 oz for three months. He developed a persistant upper respitory infection that would plague him for 3 months. Sweet little thing that he was, didn't seem to bother him... because of the infection he didn't bark until he was a year old.

Sired by A/C/J/I Ch. Golden Hylites The Phantom ex Ch.Rumor's Classic Hylite

both Specialty winners... how could he not be extra special.

He of course had to go everywhere with me as he needed to be fed, so an amazing bond formed that would last a lifetime.

One birthday my husband surprised me with a peddle boat and he had put the names Nancy on one side and Gee on the other. Didn't matter how many times we went down to the dock, even if we were going in the ski boat, he would jump in the Nancy Gee...

The hours we spent on that boat fishing.

G was never formally leash trained. We had this invisable leash that was always there....well except for once. We were at the ASSA Nationals at Virginia Beach. G came down the elevator like normal, out into the lobby and then all of a sudden I could hear all these ahhhs and ewws and looked down and he wasn't there. He had taken a slight detour into the restaurant, looking for a hand out!!!

On our 25th Anniversary my husband Bill & I renewed our vows, guess who was the ring barer...and yes he walked down the isle.

Whoops! G saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus !

My hot tub lifeguard!

His Famous PJ's

Drying off on the dock with his dad after a swim on a hot summers day.

Didn't matter how deep the water got, he was always right behind..

G drinking at a bar in Florida with his buddy Chuck.

We lost our friend Chuck this year too.

G had more air miles than most people. Travelled on the plane with me on vacations, to the Nationals, dog shows etc..

G was there to watch his dad win Group 7 at

"The Show Of Shows"

You were not allowed on the floor unless you were in formal attire..

In Florida taking a cruise on Chuck and Larry's boat.

G loved the Grand Children....and lived up to the name of

"Pillow Dog".

I knew too well our time together was getting very short and I knew this would be our last Christmas together.

If the Power of Love was strong enough to keep him alive, he would still be here with me.

How could this Special Part of my life be over?

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears,

But laugh and talk to me as if I were beside you.

I loved you so....

'Twas Heaven with you here...

.....Isla Paschal Richardson

from Pat.

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