I want to thank everyone so much for your kindness and understanding. I received so many emails privately and on the lists, cried through them and many were comforting. The wonderful poems, quotes, cards and your

memories of G ....most of those made me smile.

G touched everyone that met him.

I would like to share some of those with you.

A sad day indeed Nancy ... am sure Sibeau was waiting for him .. sure hope there are big red Mustangs for the two of them to ride in again together.... Maureen

Take comfort in the fact that you provided for G a wonderful life, and that he never had a bad day. From the moment he was born you were there to love him and what more could any of us hope for ourselves but to be loved so completely. Unfortunately we know when they are born that they are probably not going to outlive us, as much as we'd like them too live forever, but the joy he brought to you and others will never be forgotten. He was a great little dog Nancy who always brought a smile to our faces. I remember him a the Nationals dressed up and ready for bed or just hanging out. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and truly do understand your loss....Gillian

If I come back reincarnated I would like to be G. He was so loved and your special bond so strong. He travelled around on the planes with you all over North America, under the seat, then you would sneak him out of the bag and hide him on your knee under a blanket.

He shared so many wonderful adventures with you


Nan, I am so sorry about "G", what a little trouper he has been over all 13 plus years, just a little shadow and what a bed bug.

Glenn and I were talking today about the time we left him in the puppy pen when we went shopping, he was so mad he destroyed his crate pad. I also remember making a special cover for his crate - as at one of the dog shows he tried to eat his way out to get to you and had to be cut out of the crate as his tooth was stuck in the latch..

Your memories will be with you forever and I know you know "G" is at peace ...Donna

Im sooooo sorry to hear about G Nancy I know how precious he was to you and he was just about human the way he was always with you and sized up any situation...he was the sweetest little guy a girl could want....Hugs to you.. I will remember him always as a bright light shining!!!....Kathy

Oh Nancy, I am so sorry to hear this news of the G Man........ what a wonderful little dog - oops, G didn't know he was little :-)) In his opinion, he was such a macho man, size made absolutely no difference.

How well I remember meeting you both at the National in Toronto, happened to have 2 of a friends' Shelties along - both girls thought he was a puppy and it was their mission to protect & mother him. G Man would have nothing to do with such kiddie stuff, after all his attitude was "I'm The Big Guy".

Another memory - walking along that looooong glassed in corridor, he was fascinated and, I suspect a bit frustrated he couldn't walk right through glass to greet Melissa Fancey.

We share your pain.......... I'm sending good thoughts your way.


My fondess memory of "G" is him stamping his feet at me in the mornings when he had sleepovers at Auntie Irene's house. Where is my "breakfast cookie" all the time staring at the cookie jar and then back at me...you better give me that cookie before my mom gets out of bed or we will both be in trouble!

The other is when I got very sick while we where away at a dog show. I was so ill I could not leave the room. "G" refused to leave me alone...he was so torn, do I go with mom or stay with Auntie Irene. He stayed right in bed with me the entire day!!


If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane,

I would climb right up to heaven and bring you home again.

Auntie Irene

OH Nancy, I'm so sorry. You were a great Mama and G knew how much you loved him. There is no time at The Bridge. So he'll be waiting for you ....Mary

Oh my gosh, I cant believe gee died.. he's a legend, he's been around for so long, and he is so a part of you I can't imagine the two of you not together.....Emer

I would like to dedicate Gís Tribute to all of those who have loved and lost their special treasures. You need to know you arenít alone in your grief. There are others out there who share in your intense sadness and grief.

My father in law once said to me. ď If you canít find room in your heart to love an animal than you havenít got a big Heart.Ē I have to admit heís right as Iíve seen it over and over again.

Those that call themselves your friends who donít understand and give you the line ď its just a dogďÖ ignore them and allow yourself to grieve and not feel guilty about it. Also maybe feel a little sorry for them as they have never experienced this wonderful and special gift.

I wouldn't have missed a moment.

Thank You My Special, Special "G"..

My Shadow.


If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane,

I would climb right up to heaven and bring you home again.

My G

When you run and play in the heavens above,

Think of me, my true love.

We've been together through thick and thin,

Months and years, through losses and wins.

A shadow you were, everywhere I went,

I'll treasure your love and all it meant!

I'm lost without you, I don't know how I'll go on,

My heart is breaking, knowing you were only on loan.

God called you home to be with him,

Thirteen years He gave us, on a heavenly whim.

What He gives, He takes away,

But I know in my heart, we'll be together again someday.

My memories are precious and numerous too,

But they can't take the place of loving you.

So don't be sad cause we'll be apart

I'll hold you always in my broken heart!

Written by Paige Johnson .... Thank you Paige.





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