Sandy & Derrick Moger

August 8,2009

When Sandy found the man of her dreams, she wanted to be married at the place where she grew up, her mom and dad to walk her down the isle and to have her two girls walk down the isle with her.

Another Love Story
Sandy's dreams almost didn't come true as her beloved Twister came down with bladder cancer. Twister was born with water on the brain and I knew she wouldn't make it, but while we were away Sandy taught her to walk in a straight line. Because of her problem Twister was deaf but that didn't stop Sandy. She taught Twister hand signals. A couple years ago because of the water on her brain Twister started having seizues. She would snap at flys that weren't there. She overcame this too. Sandy and Twister are inseparable. Twister has beat the odds so many times, when the cancer came she just wasn't going to leave Sandy. Twister in July had half of her bladder removed and continued on as nothing had happened. Sandy got her dream and Twister did walk her down the aisle.

Last check up was cancer free and is almost 10 years old!

Both Jayda and Twister waiting above for their mom to get married.

One thing about The Tibben family. We have never been accused of putting on a boring party. The wedding wasn't any different. Years ago we made a little park/campground at the back of our property, so everyone brought their tents trailers etc. There was no drinking and driving. Derrick and Sandys honeymoon suite was our cabin. The party continued until 5am and they moved it down to our little campground and made a huge campfire. Even the disjockey stayed overnight.