A Love Story
A month before Sandy's wedding her beloved Twister came down with bladder cancer. It was her dream for Twister to walk her down the isle. Twister was born with water on the brain and I knew she wouldn't make it, but while we were away Sandy taught her to walk in a straight line. Because of her problem Twister was deaf but that didn't stop Sandy. She taught Twister hand signals. A couple years ago because of the water on her brain Twister started having seizues. She would snap at flys that weren't there. She overcame this too. Sandy and Twister are inseparable. Twister has beat the odds so many times, when the cancer came she just wasn't going to leave Sandy. Twister in July had half of her bladder removed and continued on as nothing had happened. Sandy got her dream and Twister did walk her down the aisle.

Last check up was cancer free and is almost 10 years old! fine.

Twister only had eyes for Sandy.

She loved everyone, but never took her eyes off Sandy

She loved the water so much. She would jump out of Sandy's van and run down to the pond and jump in. Never failed. It was one of Sandy's worst fears that she would jump in during her wedding, but somehow she seemed to know not to..

She was also a bit of a clown. Every Christmas Twister unwrapped her own presents and everyone elses too and Sandy would have to rewrap them again.

Twister was to surprise us more and stay till Sandy had her first baby girl, Hope. I think Twister knew inside Sandy would be ok now.

Three years after the surgery sadly it was time to say goodbye. On Dec 20, 2012 she lost her special Twister


Sandy has a very Special Angel watching over her now.