Golden Hylite's The Wiz

He was born during the Fergus Tornado, Aug 19 2005. Things were flying by the window and I was just going to take them all downstairs and then it quit.This is why he got his name Toto.

He was very small when he was born and I had to help him a long.

I give everything to my dogs, this little guy gave me more back. He followed me everywhere, slept on my pillow, loved our times up at the lake. Never part of our breeding program.

When it was time for him to go I wrapped him in a damp towel, and I held him in my arms on our beach. He would sleep and then wake up look at me lick my face then go back to sleep. Very peacefully, the essence of who he was passed away in my arms and surrounded by love. Didnt suffer. My Shadow, pillow buddy, fishing buddy, today I start my struggle of living without you. My heart is broken but love never dies.

Now you can fly higher than a eagle
You were the wind beneath my wings.