Shooter's journey began Jan 23rd, 2009

He was sired by Ch.Highledge Irish Cream Romc

and his dam Ch.Surona's Hylites Lady Di, Bow at the CSSA Nationals

and registered as Golden Hylite's The Shooter

Such great beginnings for this sweet little guy.

We loved him so much we decided to keep him ...

He would not be part of our breeding program as he was small.

My grand daughter Trinity fell instantly in love with him

and she named him Shooter.

Circumstances came along where we couldn't keep him

and at nine months of age,

we decided to place him in a one on one home

if some one really special came along

Well special people did come to see him,

Bill and Coreen Merkley and sadly I let him go

They promised he would stay in our lives and visit often

especially when our grand daughter visited.

They kept their promise and visited often

and we made sure that Trinity could be there



Tragically one day Bill was taking Shooter on one of their many special walks

and 3 terriers came out of no where, knocking Bill and Shooter to the ground.

Bill fought them off Shooter and in pain and scared Shooter

ran off into the bush.

He was so frightened that he kept blindly running and running

Bill and Coreen did everything humanly possible to find their little guy

Posters, flyers, sending flyers through the mail, buying radio time,

contacting vets, schools, hydro, newspaper ads and articles,

sheltie rescue and the list goes on and on.


So many people that we will never know were involved in the search of this special little guy.

He wormed his way into thousands of hearts of people that never met him.

Prayers and well wishes flooded in from all over North America .

He started 6 kms from home where he had been driven to the park for fun,

which turned into a journey of a life time,

for this dear little soul, that was beyond belief.

He travelled over a busy 4 lane hwy 7 times if the sightings were correct.

5:30am Bill and Coreen after being up that night because of a sighting

the door bell rang and the neighbours said that Shooter was in their back yard.

The reunion was full of love and joy

His journey had lasted 18 days and he arrived home the morning of Fathers Day.

What an amazing fathers day present Bill received.

Special thank you to Todd Folley, Kathy Perron for their guidance,

my daughter Sandy and her husband Derrick, little baby Hope and Trinity

and my husband for taking over here when I was helping with the search

and to so many others that helped in the Massive search for this special little guy

Shooter came Home all by himself

An Unbelievably Happy Ending


I finally get my much needed hug



This is the wound left after 18 days on the road.

There were 7 altogether but this one wasn't healing.

It was so big that you could put your baby finger in it.

The Merkley house is an extremely happy one right now, although everyone is so tired.

Shooter has raw little feet and is being treated for his wounds,

but is expected to make a full recovery.

What a brave and smart little dog.

Thank you Bonnie Rector for designing this page for Shooter

The Shooter is a John Wayne movie.