Some things are just for fun....
below are some of our favorite photo's that are just...
"Too Cute"

There are 3 big ones and 2 tiny ones

all from the same litter!

The big ones are just over a pound and the little ones 5 oz...

a week and a half old!

OK GUYS.....


Attacking Furby

Furby is singing and bouncing across the floor

or at least trying

Every toy moves, jumps or talks at our house.

Our Dogs Annual Pin Up Girl

Kate is wanting out... do you think???

Merry Christmas!

Fishing Buddies

A Big Help

I like Elmo Too!

I fell in head first :(

I need a Great Big Bear Hug!


Happy Birthday Girls!
I'm two years.....I'm 2 months

Mrs Claus and Santa's helper

Just click on me

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