Some things are just for fun....
below are some of our favorite photo's that are just...
"Too Cute"


Trinity, Hope and Twister

winder fun

Off on a sleigh ride

Hope loves her Twister

Hope huggin her girl

Play time

Bad Stella bit me

mom said if I wore the glasses no one would see it!

Santa's Helper

Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy!

"The Against All Odds Gang!

How did they get in there??

Even Shelties have to wear Helmuts.

Helping Gramma ggggg

Utah after a photo shoot.

My G is on the left all dressed up for Santa.

Ok I must be in the wrong box....

Let go of my little Devil!!


the babies are sleeping..

What a hard day. . zzzzzz

I'm going to be Big?????

Denver, River, Derek, G & Tootsie

I guess its time for a bottle??

My boys are tired...

G loves the Grand Kids

My New Man

"Lets Go"


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