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Our Service Dog
Golden Hylite's Miss Patience

Patience is being trained to be of service to the physically handicapped.

Only a pup she already is making her moms life easier by getting her,

her keys, cane, purse, mitts, hat etc.

Patience is owned and loved by Sue Lempke.

Meet Robin

This little charmer is my Angel's daughter and spends a great deal of time visiting seniors homes, hospitals etc

We can't leave out her best buddy Michael (Josies son) as he is right along side of Robin where ever she goes spreading joy to all they meet.

It has been rumored that these two have been seen

during reinactments of the Civil War?!?!?

Robin and Michael are owned and loved by Patricia & Murray Grant.

Some may even recognize this name

Golden Hylite's Penny Lane


Carol Beechy takes 3 of her shelties, Shelby,Taylor and Dicey to visit the Dearness Home in London.... they love going there and the residents love to see them....


Carol says she has seen quite a number of residents respond to the dogs that have not responded to humans for ages.....

Our Darling Patsy, making a difference. Put a smile on this young mans face

"The Cookie Monster"
Continues making a huge difference. This sweet little guy always working, doing what he was trained for

Another sheltie we have trained to be a service dog

This page is dedicated to some of our Service Dogs

out there working at bringing a sparkle to someone's eyes

and to their owners who take the time out

of their busy schedules to continuing training them after they leave

and take their treasures to visit and brighten others lives.

All these dogs with jobs win Our virtual

Service Dog of Excellence Award.