This darling Little Angel came into my life when I really needed him.

He was not to stay long, but stayed until he got me through the storm...

He will always be in my heart

*This was only his temporary home.*


If I only had, two words left to say to you.

With my last breath Iíd come face the truth to you.

Youíve never left my side, even when I fell behind.

Thank you, thank you for the life youíve given me.

Thank you for sharing all your love and all your dreams.

Thank you for every tear of happiness Iíve cried.

Thank you for laying down beside me here tonight.

When I close my eyes, I say a prayer for one more day with you.

And when I wake, I embrace the one who pulls me though.

Who pulls me through the storm when I canít go on.

Thank you, thank you for the life youíve given me.

Thank you for shariní all your love and your dreams.

Thank you, for every tear of happiness Iíve cried.

Thank you for layiní down beside me here tonight.

Youíve never let me down.

Its like you donít know how.

Thank you, thank you for the life youíve given me.

Thank you, for sharin all your love and all your dreams.

Thank you.

Thank you

Thank You Lyrics Ė JOHNNY REID Song Words

Special thank you to Marie Rodgers for the music

I raised him since he was 2 weeks old, so I became his mom...

I look back and think did I do the right thing? I honestly wouldn't have missed a moment with him. He never suffered a day in his life, I made sure of it...

Above is the first toy I bought for him.He had to take it to bed with us every night

There wasn't anything too big for him to conquer!

He loved being up at the lake, as small as he was he just followed me everywhere.

This is Frisco's Christmas Dog.

It mysteriously went missing and was held ransom.

I payed the ransom and got him home for Frisco, in time for Christmas

These are Frisco's line up of toys.

His favorite being tickle me Elmo. He was always doing something funny,you couldn't help putting a smile on your face or laughing when he got all these toys going.

When running down the hall to find his mom, he always sounded like a herd of buffalo coming through.trinandfrisco.jpg

My Grand daughter and Frisco were best buddys. Trinity is almost five. She is broken hearted

Everyone who ever met him it was love at first site.

You were hooked

Frisco always had to be in on the action.

On Boxing day, Frisco got into a glass of wine sitting on the floor.

He just kept falling over. At first we didn't know he was plastered until we saw the empty glass.

I was so scared . Bill & Sandy took him out on the deck to sober him up with Elmo. When he played with Elmo then we knew he was fine. It wasn't funny then but it is now, just another Frisco antic..

Five days ago he suddenly did want to eat his food. We took him to the vets and they thought his kidneys weren't developed right from birth. We later found out that the overdose of alcohol put him into kidney failure.

We took him home to be with us until he said it was time.

He ate and drank for me. Last night he was playing with all his toys but overnight took a turn for the worse.

Today I had to let him go.

We all loved you and will miss you terribly, but no one more than I

Above is Frisco's last night.

I hugged him all night

Johnny Reid's Lyrics "Thank You"

Pretty much sums up how special this little gift was in my life and what an impact he had.

Goodbye my dear one, a big part of me went with you.

I know you will be waiting for me at the bridge.

I'll look after Elmo


August 20, 2009 - Feb.18,2010